Photojournalist and stylist Nally Bellati was born in Italy and raised in England. She is married to Italian photographer and interior designer Conte Manfredi Bellati and resides in an 18th-century farmhouse in the Veneto with their two Jack Russell terriers Pixel and Jpg. Periodically she visits her son Bartolomeo in New York. She continues to work in Milan, Florence and Venice.

After finishing her studies in London, Bellati moved to Paris, where she worked as a photographic stylist. In 1968 she moved to Milan. Her first assignment there was for Fiorucci, the world-renown, Milan-based, shop for innovative style, as a buyer/designer, creating some of the signature fashion statements associated with that firm. At the same time she also worked as the Italian liaison for Biba of London at the height of the designer/retailer’s fame. Later, she served as Italian public relations representative for the American fashion company Pinky and Dianne/Private Label.

Encouraged by her husband, Bellati began to use a camera. Her first work, published in Vogue Italia in 1978, were social party portraits, which she continues to do today. Soon after, L’Uomo Vogue, the men’s fashion magazine, hired her for her first feature: portraits of famous men in their pajamas. Throughout the 1980’s and 1990s Nally Bellati has contributed photographs and features to all major Italian magazines as well as by-lined columns in Harper’s Bazaar Uomo and L’Uomo Vogue. Today she works directly as a society photographer with fashion houses, design companies and various corporations and her candid party pictures are distributed to many newspapers and magazines around the world.

Bellati wrote the book NEW ITALIAN DESIGN (Rizzoli, N.Y. 1990) a fresh study of new names and designs coming out of the internationally renowned Italian design scene. It was translated into four languages. She has also researched, styled and written sections for several other books.

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